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My name is Beth, and yep, I sing.  A lot.  And write, too, mostly about things that happen in this life, hoping to find humor in all but the darkest moments. I have three sons, all grown up now, and a passel of grandchildren. A husband I’ve known since we were sixteen. And now, we take care of Mama, who turned 96 last spring.


Music. Horses. Geneaology.   Germany.  Family.  Myrtle Beach.

Jesus Christ. Grandkids.  Friends. Musicians.  Cousins.   Virginia.

 The Carolinas. Mississippi.  And Memomma Marguerite.

MARGUERITE ALICE CLARK was born April 14, 1920, in Drew, Mississippi.  There’s much to say about her remarkable life, so the Marguerite Chronicles are written for that purpose.

All my life, I’ve been told that my mother had ‘the best personality I’ve ever seen,’ and she ‘knows more about football than any woman I’ve ever known,’ and we always knew that the Mississippi Magnolia was a force to reckon with.   She’s now 96 years old, and I reckon with her every hour. Every day. And night. Sometimes, all night.

After our dad died in 2008, Marguerite (aka Memomma) went to live with my  sister Carole — #2 of the four girls in our family.  It was Carole’s plan to take care of Mama ~ and that’s what she did, for the rest of her life. On April 23, 2015, Carole came in from planting a few little herbs in her garden. She told Mama that she felt worse than she’d ever felt in her life, but instead of agreeing to go to the dreaded doctor — Carole hated doctors — she decided to take a shower and go to bed.  To our great shock, despair, and heartbreak,  my beloved big sister slipped into eternity that night.

After Carole’s death, Mama came to live with my husband and me.  I’m #3 out of the 4 daughters in our family  —   and The Marguerite Chronicles have evolved out of our our travels, adventures in eldercare,  and some crazy midnight wanderings.  Originally posted on facebook, the Chronicles have been read by friends and forwarded around the internet like viruses.  It’s my hope that anyone reading will get a glimpse into the world of parenting a parent, or feel some encouragement and get some motivation in their own roles as caregivers or friends of the elderly.  And I hope you will laugh, because if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry.

So, read on… I’d love to hear from you at BethStillSings@gmail.com.