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George had made some surprise dinner reservations – I had the boys lined up to come and Memomma-sit, and we planned to do something special. (I have no idea what, because he won’t tell me.)

BUT — our day started with Mama needing medical attention. I told her we’d go to the doc.

“I’m too weak to get to the car. You better call those 911 people.”

So, I did, and the Powhatan Rescue Squad (the Squishy-Squash, as Emily used to call it when Chip was a volunteer) sent 2 fine EMT’s to help, and they hauled her to the hospital.

The ER at St. Francis was packed — they were OUT of rooms, but she got prompt attention, and they found that she had a raging UTI, in spite of preventative antibiotics — and it presented differently than the many she has had before. I had nothing to eat the entire day. though one of the kind staff brought me a little can of Pepsi.

We got to the hospital at noon, and eight hours later, we left to get prescriptions filled.  I  dashed into Panera to grab something for both of us to eat while Groggy-Mama reclined in the car. And Panera, the people who MAKE bread, were OUT of baguettes, soft rolls, and all other side items that I wanted. And OUT of most of the 99-cent bakery items offered with the meal.. And OUT of the green tea I craved. Disappointed, I dashed out with something that would suffice, and drove to Walgreen’s.

And guess what? They were OUT of one of the prescribed medications. Can’t get it till Friday. So, I said I’d take what they filled, and to put the unused prescription with it so I could take it elsewhere. Grabbed the bag through the drive-thru window, and halfway back home, realized they had not put the unused script back in the bag.

But the good news is that Mama was able to walk up the stairs to get into bed, and unlike the Emergency Room, Panera and Walgreen’s, she is not OUT of anything. For now!