Mama sits in her rocker-recliner, watching the news or basketball much of the time. But the program showing on TV this morning was some kind of detective story, and she asked me to change the channel. I told her the remote was sitting right next to her, so she could change it anytime she wanted to.

“I tried, but it wouldn’t work.”

I went to look. The remote was sitting in a pool of spilled coffee, and it won’t work for me either. We’re hoping it’ll dry out in a day or so, but there’s no way of knowing. Groan.

Taking care of an elderly person often requires fixing or replacing stuff: toilet tanks that got wrenched off the wall, plumbing pipes that were broken when she grabbed the faucet for a handrail, ditto for towel bars — all when REAL grab bars are within reach!

I was able to find a replacement remote pretty cheap on Amazon, and they’ll deliver quickly. Downloaded a remote control app for my iphone, and we’re back in business.

I’ll try immersing the wet remote in rice – but I threw out all the rice during the Invasion of the Pantry Moths, and the onset of my low-carb-high-fat ketosis plan. ¬†Something else to replace!