Mama’s very quiet these days — although she watched many of the March Madness games, she didn’t really process them. Two years ago, she coached Duke from her recliner, and knew every team and many players.  The other night, I ran to the store in the middle of the SC game; came home and asked her who won. “I doanno,” she shrugged. Same thing with the subsequent NC game. So things are changing in her brain, which isn’t really surprising. But this week, every day, she has been completely fascinated the the ‘purple flowers’ on the wisteria vine behind the condo — it’s not quite full yet, but is filling out more every day.  In years past, she would easily have identified it as wisteria. Now, the vine is simply ‘purple flowers, and they go all the way up to the sky!’  Seventeen days until her 97th birthday, we’re thankful for this simple pleasure. 17553930_10154324552501669_1136327929347507044_n