Two-thousand-seventeen,  as every year before it,  held a million mundane moments.   And in between them, a few joyous minutes and too many sorrowful hours scattered ‘life’ into the dailiness.  Three hundred sixty-five slow days flew by far too fast, fitting the cliche and making us feel far too old.  All those ordinary afternoons fade,  forgotten, one to another, but the best days and worst days burn into our souls. The plain old nondescript days help me balance – they keep me standing,  keep me going  through the times I lose  footing – whether I’m giddy with good speed, or drunk in depths of sorrow.

Life spoke loudly, too many times, that some dreams have run out of  hope. Grace helped me shut up and take it. And Grace helped me get through and go on, though I rail in anger that these  dreams are not to be.  The darkest day for me and my family, was August 16, when our precious Marah died, and our dreams went with her. Time stopped that day, and in some ways, won’t begin again till we meet on that beautiful shore. And then, when we had barely ‘come to’ after that sucker punch, November 4 came and took  my teacher, mentor, beloved encourager, supporter, understander (and critic!) – the larger-than-life Erving Covert, and I am left to sing without him.

But some wonderful days, some glorious days made it possible to bear the rest. October 19, our precious Laney was born. August 18,  sweet Alden came into this world.  A trip through childhood Mississippi memories with Mama and Aunt Polly. A cruise to the Bahamas. A new house for Chip and Katie. A 97th birthday for Memomma. In June, a stage, a song, and a show  breathed a little energy into my stalled musical life.

And in between the highs and lows, there were a thousand sweet times with ones I love who love me back. Family, friends, grandkids.  Dinners, phone calls, emails. Road trips. Boat rides. Sun, surf and sand. Love, music, and laughter. Adventures, conversations, communion. Hope, faith, and God-winks. Even a new dream or two.


Another year of history.

Lord, hold  us close as we travel through time.

2018, ready or not, we’re here. It will be different. And it will be the same. God bless us.