The Marguerite Chronicles, Thanksgiving Day 2016:

I cain’t believe I cooked the whole thang, all from scratch, except for the collards from Boulineau’s. Enough for 30 people, so the 3 of us are foundered and I need to find 27 other people to come eat the leftovers. Fifteen-pound fresh turkey; cornbread dressing; rice & gravy;green beans; squash casserole; pumpkin pudding; collards; and the necessary assorted etceteras. And while the aroma was filling the house, Memomma was upstairs asleep – dreaming that she was cooking for the family back at Grandmamma Hembree’s house outside Philadelphia, Mississippi, eighty years ago. Now,  I’m going to go upstairs and dream that she’s cleaning it all up.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all, with much love.